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It can be HARD to create change. We have been there. We have been through it, and we are going through it, so here are some suggestions of how to begin!



A cleanse per say... however for this blog we’re not going to be talking about the juice kind....

With the spring here, we thought it would be wonderful to share some of our favorite ‘Spring Cleaning’ tips for your space and your life.


Summer party planning

Summer seems to finally be arriving, and this beautiful weather just begs for celebration! We have thrown together  a few tips and tricks for hosting the perfect summer party.


Your SOulful Sunday

Some say Sunday is the beginning of the week. Some say it’s the end. Whether it’s the beginning or the end of the week makes little difference to me.

A day for rest. A day for rejuvenation. A day for relaxation. A day for reflection, inspiration, and connection.


We don’t know about you, but we’ve spent quite a lot of time scrolling through IG, going through life waiting, wishing, hoping for things to change.. We wanted the life, the healthy body, the relationship, the community, the dream job., essentially, we want it all. . Surprisingly wishing and wanting didn’t do a whole lot. *wink wink*

It is HARD, to create change and it often seems that when you decide to, the universe tests you, as if to ask “Yeah, you say you want all these things, but are you willing to do whatever it will take?”. Spring is in the air, it’s the season of fresh starts.. Let’s do this! So start simple and then build from there, you’ve got this!

We’ve been through it, and we are going through it, here are some of our tips.



Create a plan and break your goals down into a weekly, 6 month, yearly, 2-3, and 5 year basis. This will allow you to be very intentional with your goals and and really map out which areas of your life need attention and when. It can be easy to set goals of all the things you want but this can make it unrealistic if you don't see the step by step progress in achieving them. Breaking it down into these smaller segments allows you to focus on it daily and develop a foundation on a simple gradient to making them happen.

Take your goals one step further and build them into vision boards. Having pictures represent your goals makes them feel even more real! When you have these pictures to look at daily it gets you excited and you can really start believing you can have it now!

You can take a look at one of our vision boards above, it’s also a great reminder when things are feeling overwhelming to pull you back to your ‘WHY’.


It is so easy scrolling through IG, FB and and walking around to want to add in all the extra, you know,  plant chia seeds in your bed, inject sunshine into your veins, sit upside down for 5 minutes while saying your gratitudes...

Really, the best thing you can do to start taking action and working towards your goals consistently is to bring it back to your foundation. When you have a solid foundation, your structure can be built sky high. So what are those basics?


  2. MOVE EACH DAY (exercise, get that body moving.)

  3. 3 MEALS A DAY

  4. Establish an AM and PM routine



We’ve created this accountability sheet for you to print out, and use!

I have found over the last few years just how integral having a morning and evening routine is. It allows me to remain in my power during the game of life. This is my current AM/PM routine, it took a long time to refine and allows me to perform at my peak. It may not be right for you, but I think it’s a great reference for you to build your own.

The most important thing is to be the best that you can be each day and to check in on what you need. Create the space to ask yourself what you need each day, that’s the best place to start.





















Day to day life can be chaotic, and we know that feeling of losing control. These “life foundation” basic routines can bring back your personal power. We suggest that you try to do these 4 things for a month, without trying to add in all the extras (wait a month to plant chia seeds in your bed!). Work to establish a habit, and therefore a strong foundation.

This strong foundation will make it SO much easier to tackle just about anything.



Create a schedule for yourself so you know what is going on when and where you have free time for workouts, coffee dates, work, passion projects etc.

Having a clear agenda will help you fill up your calendar so you can stay motivated and do more! The less busy I am the less I do! Funny isn't it? Make your calendar more fun by doing a bullet journal, colour coding, emojis etc.

In addition to using calendar apps, we suggest as awesome planners, and tools.

Some of our personal favorites are STIL Classics and The Focus Journal.






The longer you wait to take action the longer you leave room for failure. If you don't ever try nothing can come of it. IT may not be perfect the first time you go for it but at least you are making progress on working towards achieving what you want. Making mistakes is a part of the progress but you have to keep working through these challenging situations to find the greatness that you want to create on the other side.



The Project YOU Team


Spring has ARRIVED.

For us spring has always been a time of revival. A time where we can flush out the old and make way for the new. A cleanse per say... however for this blog we’re not going to be talking about the juice kind.


With the spring here, we thought it would be wonderful to share some of our favorite ‘Spring Cleaning’ tips for your space and your life. We have a few questions to ask you for reflection to begin with, and we’ll start with your PHYSICAL SPACE.

  • How do you feel in your space (home) currently?

  • Where do you feel the most at peace?

  • What does this space have within it?

  • What are the things within your space that you love?

  • What are four things that you could part with?



I heard once that you should only have things in your space that you either love, OR are necessary and although very simple, it’s a great foundation to build on. So, we put together a 30 DAY CHALLENGE (PHYSICAL SPACE), to get your space cleared out and feeling oh so fresh.

Make sure to print this, and reward yourself by crossing them out when you do them. Don’t forget to tag us! #iamprojectyou #springcleaningblog @iamprojectyou

In addition to your 30 DAY CHALLENGE for your physical space, we put one together for your mental space. Do you ever feel like you’re a web browser with WAY too many tabs open? Let’s start chunking away at closing those.. You will feel physically and mentally lighter! Just like before, we’re going to start off with some reflection questions to get you in a reflection state of mind.

  • What things are on your mind frequently?

  • What are you worried about?

  • What are you excited about for the future?

  • What keeps you up at night?

  • What gets you up in the morning?



We cannot wait to hear from you and you’ll need to let us know how you feel in 30 DAYS, we know what making changes can be hard.. We hope keeping it simple by actioning one item a day will make you feel accomplished and make a difference. Let us know what you think.


The Project YOU Team

Summer Party Planning

It is finally starting to feel like summer, and we are SO happy! This beautiful weather calls for celebration, so why not plan a summer party? We know that all of the organisation and planning involved can feel daunting, but we all have so much fun gathered with our favourite people. So here are a few tips and tricks from our Events Coordinator, who really has an amazing eye for details. Lets get started!

Themes that inspire

I think no matter the occasion it’s always helpful to tie your vision together with a theme. I’m not talking 90’s or Hollywood themes, though they are certainly fun in the right time and place. When I say theme I think of a colour palette or particular vibe you want your guests to experience. Having a central idea of what specific elements you want to play up your personality and style can really take any event to the next level. Here are some ideas:

Bohemian Chic: Free, flowy fabrics with a laid back event layout. Think pillows on the ground, eating together family style with dim mood lighting.

Retro rustic: bright colours like burnt orange or playful neutrals mixed in with metallics or sequin styled pieces bring a chill and simple glamour to your backyard dinner or wine tasting.

The list for these really goes on and on. Think about the company you’ve invited, what look or aesthetic you’d like to see transform your space and make sure it suits the occasion. It can be fun to put together a Pintrest board or an Instagram collection for theme inspiration!

Location is everything!

At times you hear “location” and assume with that comes expenses or a lot of additional work.. but it doesn’t have to be! Have a look around next time you take a stroll in your neighbourhood. There are gems everywhere on this front! If you have access to an outdoor space, whether its a rooftop or patio utilize it! Live by the water? Take things to the beach. Grab blankets and some cute throw pillows and piece together a sunny classic evening with things you have laying around the house already. If you’re from Vancouver, you know the summer months are precious days of sunshine gold we cannot take for granted. There is nothing like time spent with good people outside in summer air. Hosting a summer party is mostly about taking advantage of what good ol’ mother nature has already provided, warm air and rays!

The little things

We know you've heard it a million times, but details are everything!

For our events, we are lucky enough to host at one of the most classic and effortlessly beautiful venues in Vancouver, Hycroft Manor. But - I have found that what makes our events POP! Are the tiny details we spend time finessing before you come dancing through the door. Florals customized to our chosen palette, seating charts calligraphed, centre pieces that ice the cake and more.

I’m telling you - people notice. Try freezing dainty, colourful flowers or fruit and herbs in your ice cubes. Serve these to your guests and watch their reaction! Pinterest is a great tool to look for easy, affordable DIY’s to add a unique style to your summer event in an affordable way.

Do the party math

This is a big one that you don’t want to forget for any event, but particularly in the summer months. Running out of food or wine before your guests leave is a party planning nono! Here is some quick party math to ensure you have your guests covered the entire night:

1 Guest = 1lb of ice (for chilling & serving)

                  1 alcoholic drink/hour

                  4 cocktail napkins


12 Guests = 6 bottles of wine

                           1-2 cases of beer (options are important, you know your guests - buy their preference)

                           6 litres of water (still or sparkling)


Spread out the fun!

This is what will hinder or help set the ambiance for your event. Set up a bluetooth speaker, dining area, bar or pre-made drinks station and sitting area across your space to encourage party flow. Have your favourite summer jams playing in a central area and enjoy your favourite playlists throughout the event. Dig out your white Christmas lights or try these edison string lights to keep things lit once the sun goes down. If you’re planning on carrying festivities on into the evening - a covered fire pit is always a hit.


As a parting gift to you, here is a flawless and simple summer drink recipe your guests will love:



~ Stir the lemonade and vodka into the pitcher. Add the fruit and mint. Add the prosecco and serve over ice. The longer the ingredients have to merry together, the fuller the flavour. Try making this the morning of your party and let it sit while setting up throughout the day.

1 bottle chilled Prosecco

1 pint of your favourite berry, frozen is best

1/3 cup citrus vodka

3 springs fresh mint, separated

4-5 cups lemonade

gallon size pitcher




Your Soulful Sunday

Some say Sunday is the beginning of the week. Some say it’s the end. Whether it’s the beginning or the end of the week makes little difference to me. It is and has always been my favourite day of the week. A day for rest. A day for rejuvenation. A day for relaxation. A day for reflection, inspiration, and connection.

With work and life the days can slip away. Sometimes we miss out on that essential soul food. I don’t mean the delicious and potentially not-so-nutritious cookin’ from the South.. I mean the people and places that feed your Soul. I’m talking about those conversations that inspire and empower you. The laughter that gives you stitches and invigorates your heart. That quiet time with thoughts and ideas that recharge your mind. Those activities that energize and connect you with your purpose so that you can power through the days ahead. Soul food.

So where are the best places to create your Soulful Sunday?

Anywhere you can see the sky. Fresh air and vitamin D, ya’ll. Relax at the beach; nature’s very own spa! Picnic in thepark. Climb a mountain or take a hike. Wander around your favourite streets andstumble into a little boutique or two. Have a cookout. Go berry picking. Peruse thefarmer’s markets. Watch the sunset and lay under the stars. Mother Earth is just aboutthe most gorgeous lady you’ll ever lay eyes on. Take it all in!

The cute and kitschy neighbourhood café. Coffee and treats and a whole lot more. There’s a relaxed vibe in the air because it’s Sunday and everybody is feeling it. There’s smooth jazz playing in the background so you can hear the conversation. There’s probably a furry angel hanging out outside just waiting for some unconditional love and attention. Heaven!

Our Favourites: Le Marché St. George, Coco et Olive, The Birds & the Beets, Timbertrain

Home, because you’ve been away all week.

There’s no place like home. Sleep in! Put on your ruby red

slippers and start your day with some Super Soul Sunday. Throw on a Ted talk and invite a friend or friends over to join in on the soul food. Play some rad music while making a family meal. Soul food and actual food. Make a toast, steep some tea, watch a movie, do some reading. Keep it cozy cozy!

Your favourite yoga, fitness or dance studio

Om and ahhh. No better way to decompress then to roll out your mat and take a Yin class. Take it up a few notches with some pilates or cycling. Get really in tune with thatbeautiful body of yours and take that dance class you’ve always wanted to take. Salsa, hip hop, heels. Get your sweat on!

Our Favourites: One Yoga, Eastwood, Harbour Dance Centre, Oxygen Yoga

Sunday is your day. Spend it how you want. Spend it with the ones you love.

Happy Soulful Sunday


The Project You Team

Sunday Image.jpg

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