Your Soulful Sunday

Some say Sunday is the beginning of the week. Some say it’s the end. Whether it’s the beginning or the end of the week makes little difference to me. It is and has always been my favourite day of the week. A day for rest. A day for rejuvenation. A day for relaxation. A day for reflection, inspiration, and connection.

With work and life the days can slip away. Sometimes we miss out on that essential soul food. I don’t mean the delicious and potentially not-so-nutritious cookin’ from the South.. I mean the people and places that feed your Soul. I’m talking about those conversations that inspire and empower you. The laughter that gives you stitches and invigorates your heart. That quiet time with thoughts and ideas that recharge your mind. Those activities that energize and connect you with your purpose so that you can power through the days ahead. Soul food.

So where are the best places to create your Soulful Sunday?

Anywhere you can see the sky. Fresh air and vitamin D, ya’ll. Relax at the beach; nature’s very own spa! Picnic in thepark. Climb a mountain or take a hike. Wander around your favourite streets andstumble into a little boutique or two. Have a cookout. Go berry picking. Peruse thefarmer’s markets. Watch the sunset and lay under the stars. Mother Earth is just aboutthe most gorgeous lady you’ll ever lay eyes on. Take it all in!

The cute and kitschy neighbourhood café. Coffee and treats and a whole lot more. There’s a relaxed vibe in the air because it’s Sunday and everybody is feeling it. There’s smooth jazz playing in the background so you can hear the conversation. There’s probably a furry angel hanging out outside just waiting for some unconditional love and attention. Heaven!

Our Favourites: Le Marché St. George, Coco et Olive, The Birds & the Beets, Timbertrain

Home, because you’ve been away all week.

There’s no place like home. Sleep in! Put on your ruby red

slippers and start your day with some Super Soul Sunday. Throw on a Ted talk and invite a friend or friends over to join in on the soul food. Play some rad music while making a family meal. Soul food and actual food. Make a toast, steep some tea, watch a movie, do some reading. Keep it cozy cozy!

Your favourite yoga, fitness or dance studio

Om and ahhh. No better way to decompress then to roll out your mat and take a Yin class. Take it up a few notches with some pilates or cycling. Get really in tune with thatbeautiful body of yours and take that dance class you’ve always wanted to take. Salsa, hip hop, heels. Get your sweat on!

Our Favourites: One Yoga, Eastwood, Harbour Dance Centre, Oxygen Yoga

Sunday is your day. Spend it how you want. Spend it with the ones you love.

Happy Soulful Sunday


The Project You Team

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